Monday, June 1, 2009


Five days picking olives under big skies in the late Autumn sun might just be the ultimate cure-all - especially if you happen to be in the southern Flinders Ranges. The Beetaloo Valley is a lost world kind of place, tucked away in the ranges above Laura and Crystal Brook. One of my most favourite places of all. Here the olive groves, orchards and farm paddocks are interspersed with bushland and scrub-lined creeks. It's part of an appealing - and productive - stretch of country along the eastern flanks of the ranges to Melrose. The olives and olive oils from this neck of the woods are very special. It's also worth checking out the Wirrabara Farmer's Market (third Sunday of the month).


Anonymous said...

We just finished our olive harvest here in New Zealand. It's exhausting but very rewarding work.

Dale said...

Interesting that Martinborough (and I had to look it up on google - not far from Wellington)has finished picking. I though it would be cooler there than the southern flinders.