Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Among the rewards of our Adelaide Hills are the tasty treats grown/made hereabouts. Crunchy apples. Gooey goaty cheese. Wunderbar wursty things. And some rather agreeable wines. As well as being eminently slurpable, these local brews allow one to purchase direct from the grower - and that's always a good thing. The canny grower/maker returns the favour with exceptional value wines. No one does this better than Mike Press. A former senior plonkie at the Mildara Blass Behemoth, Mike's been making wine for decades. For the past four years or so he's been turning a range of straight varietals from his own vines under his very own label - to the delight of hardened cheapskates and picky wine buffs in equal measure. His Cab Savvie and Shiraz are extraordinary for the price. Worth tracking down.